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Did you ever wonder what type of products are most likely to send you to the hospital? The U.S. Census Bureau has compiled a list of Hospital Visits Associated With Selected Consumer Products for 2006.

Looks like you best stay off the floor, steps and bed.

Product Number of Hospital Visits 2006
Floors or flooring materials 1,191,161
Stairs or steps 1,143,751
Beds 526,331
Bicycles 490,434
Knives 434,331
Chairs 317,888
Tables 317,795
Other doors 317,825
Ceilings and walls 308,501
Household cabinets, racks, and shelves 279,322
Household containers and packaging 215,537
Footwear 136,156
Skateboards 125,713
Wheelchairs 115,743
Trampolines 109,522
Tableware and flatware 97,531
Saws (hand or power) 95,317
Crutches, canes, walkers 85,346
Playground climbing equipment 79,332
Lawn mowers 78,740
Drinking glasses 75,803
Bottles and jars 74,148
Televisions 53,824
Swings or swing sets 55,349
Hammers 34,829

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