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In 1980 72.8 million acres were developed. By 2003 that has risen to 108 million. As of 2003, 5.6 percent of the area of the United States had been developed.

70.8 percent of Iowa is used for cropland. 0.9 percent of Nevada is used for cropland.

Per capita water use in 1940 was 1,027 gallons per year. Water use rose to 1,972 gallons per year by 1975. By 2000, water use had been reduced to 1,430 gallons per person.

North Dakota has no sites listed on the National Priorities List for the Superfund program. New Jersey has 116.

Every state in the Union has reached 100 degrees farenheit, with the highest temperature ever recorded in both Hawaii and Alaska being 100.

Every state in the Union except Hawaii has reached negative temperatures. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Hawaii is 12 degrees.

Los Angeles, CA is the only major city where the highest temperature ever recorded is above 90 degrees in every month of the calendar year.