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Thoughts on the results? The future?

  • Who is Barack Obama? With their candidate elected, will MSM actually examine who he is and what he believes?
  • What happens to Sarah Palin? What is her role in the upcoming battle for the remnants of the GOP?
  • As of 7:30 this morning, the popular vote tally was Obama: 62,450,844, McCain: 55,393,214. There are probably still 3-4 million votes to be counted in California, Oregon and Washington, and a smattering elsewhere.

    By comparison, the 2004 popular vote was Bush: 62,040,610, Kerry 59,028,444.

    For all the hype and proclamations of “the most important election since the last most important election of your lifetime,” it was basically the same turnout as last time.

  • What happens to McCain-Feingold? Surely, McCain is the last Presidential candidate who will accept federal financing?

    I guess we can already count the death of campaign finance reform as one of Barack Obama’s accomplishments.