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Lottie’s Grave lies outside of Homer Nebraska. And, since its Halloween and you’ve been there, I want everybody’s best Lottie’s Grave story.

Lottie Edwards’ grave is located a few miles outside of Homer, Nebraska. There are many competing stories about the life (and after-life) of Lottie Edwards.

The Background:

Version 1:

Lottie was a Sioux woman married to a trapper. They lived in a little cabin along Blackbird Bend on the Missouri river. This version claims that Lottie’s husband surprised Lottie and her lover by arriving home from a hunting trip earlier than expected. Lottie’s husband killed her lover and cut Lottie’s head off before throwing her body over a bluff into the river.

Version 2:

Lottie lost her mind when her husband died. Her neighbors proclaimed her a witch.

Version 3:

Lottie was a Sioux healer. Afraid of her, the towns people hung her by a tree in her yard. In order to prevent her from seeking revenge, they cut off Lottie’s head before burying her.

What’s supposed to happen:

  • Rumors that Lottie’s grave was robbed shortly after her death and each of the three young men that robbed it died violently, shortly thereafter;
  • A ghostly Cadillac would try to run you off the gravel road;
  • A white horse with red eyes galloping toward you as you tried to enter the cemetery;
  • Grass missing from the grave site in the shape of a body;
  • Glowing green mist;
  • If you left a beer for her, she would empty it without ever opening it;
  • If you called on her she was supposed to appear in the trees in white;
  • Supposedly you could hear her crying at night;
  • The farmer across the street likes to shoot salt-pellets at kids;
  • That’s all I know or can remember.

    Give us your stories.