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Not much remains of Chicago’s World Columbian Exposition.

The site of the Columbian Exposition is on the right, now known as Jackson Park. The Museum of Science and Industry sits at the north end, the lagoon and Wooded Isle in the center of Jackson Park. The Midway Plaisance, site of the Ferris Wheel runs east-west for a mile. Washington Park sits on the west end of the Midway and is the proposed site for the Olympic Stadium should Chicago be successful in its bid to capture the 2016 Olympics.
Although the Palace of Fine Arts had a plaster facade like the other buildings in the White City, it was the lone building with a brick underbelly. Consequently, it is the only White City building standing today. Housing first the Columbian Museum and then Chicago’s Field Museum, the Palace eventually became the home of Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. Recast in limestone during the 1930’s, the museum continues to be one of Chicago’s premier attractions.

Over the years, some of the statuary which first graced the grounds of the White City has been recreated in Chicago on a smaller scale.

World’s Columbian Exposition: Statue of Bull, West Side Grand Basin
Statue of Bull, West Side Grand Basin

Replicas of these two statues now stand on the grounds of the Garfield Park Conservatory

The statue of The Republic at the World’s Fair.
The Republic
A one-third replica of The Republic marks the former site of the Administration Building.
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