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Having a hard time coming up with a Halloween costume this year? Here’s a few ideas and/or links that are loaded with great ideas and pictures…

Halloween costume milk jug
Halloween costume redneck
You could go as a Republican…
Halloween costume devil
Gotta support the team….
Halloween costume zoidberg
Halloween costume sexy
You could simply do what everyone else is doing…
Halloween costume paperface
Glue magazine photos onto your face and go as a collage…
Halloween costume mario bros
Aren’t these kids cute?
Halloween costume little hitler
Uh, not so much.
Halloween costume tiger
Halloween costume slave leia
What about your favorite Star Wars character?
Halloween costume joker
The Joker?
Halloween costume joker
Uh, not so much.
Halloween costume napolean dynamite
Napolean Dynamite and Pedro…
Halloween costume nintendo controller
Old school gamer?
Halloween costume operation game
Really old school gamer?

A few other ideas that don’t come with pictures.

  • Start the night by looking very nice dressed in a suit. Proceed to loosen then take off tie, take off your jacket, rip your shirt, spill stuff on yourself, etc. throughout the course of the night. Entropy
  • Wear a pink pillbox hat and dress with ketchup splattered all across the front. Jackie Kennedy the moment she became Jackie Bouvier again.
  • Dress in black, tape Barbie Dolls and pictures of chickens all over you. Chick Magnet
  • Full “death” robe, with a smiley face mask. Not so grim Reaper
  • Dress up as Osama Bin Laden and just throw paper planes at people.
  • Wear what you’d normally wear, but over top of your clothes, wear a women’s slip. On the slip, write various psychological terms: ‘id’, ‘ego’, ‘super id’, ‘subconscious’. Freudian slip
  • Dress up as Iraq. Then go down to the bar and get bombed.
  • If these ideas aren’t enough for you, check out some of the past Halloween costume threads on Fark, here, here, here and here. There’s lots of pictures and ideas. You just have to rummage through.

    Or, if you’re lazy, check out Amazon.