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Joe Biden is the Democratic Party’s VP candidate and I’ve devoted very little attention to him. That’s not surprising given that he is arguably only the sixth or seventh most relevant politician in the upcoming elections. He falls somewhere after Obama, McCain, Palin, Hillary, George W., and either before or after Bill Clinton. I would argue after Bill given that Bill’s presence was probably one of, if not the, deciding factor in why Hillary didn’t get the VP nod herself.

Like most of you, I know very little about Joe Biden. I had seen him a few times on the Daily Show and from what I saw I can’t say that he made a real positive impression. There was just something about him.

So yesterday I went through Youtube and watched a few clips. The best ones are below. Some of them are “gaffes.” But if they are gaffes they are at least gaffes resulting from what seems to be an honest, blunt guy. The bluntness is especially apparent in the few debate clips.

Biden interview

Gaffe Machine

Joe Biden Breaks Loose during a Democratic Debate.

Joe Biden is Pissed. Remember that first video where, I quote: “By the way, no one ever doubted that the Surge would work in terms of bringing down the violence in the country.” Contrast that with: “This is a cycle of self-sustaining sectarian violence that 20,000, 30,000, 100,000 Americans will not be able to stop.”

You cannot go into a Seven-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.

Shove it Down His Throat

My State Was a Slave State

Not Mentally Qualified to Own a Gun

Obviously, if this direct, blunt Joe Biden is the real Joe Biden then the VP Debate is going to be incredible.

One more thing. Every presidential campaign there is one candidate that wants to do a lot of debates and one candidate that wants to do fewer. This is understandable. Either that setting is a strong point for you or it isn’t. This year, McCain is the guy who wants more debates, while Obama is committing to only three.

But with the new girl Sarah on the ticket, maybe the Dems could be convinced to have more debates. Add in another VP debate in exchange for one or two more presidential debates. Wouldn’t that be a win/win for everyone? McCain and Obama are together more. Biden has a chance to demonstrate Palin’s inexperience. The American electorate gets more time to see how the candidates do against each other.

Seems logical to me.