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Okay, so even if Dan Karpuk’s first foray into the film world wasn’t Oscar-worthy, no one can claim that he doesn’t have vision or mad sword fighting abilities. His turn as Football Head certainly gave the critics something to think about.

It was Dan Karpuk’s second film however which really put him on the map. Fight to the Death, with Dan writing, directing, producing and playing the role of Death Sniper, certainly shed light on to his many, uh, talents. With big money financing, Dan was able to incorporate the soundtrack in Fight to the Death that Attack of Orbiz was missing.

Although audiences will obviously relish Shooter Smith’s step dancing to Wyclef’s Stayin Alive, it is Shooter’s emotional pleading with Elsavio Blaze (ably portrayed by EE Karpuk) in the next scene which is the real tear jerk moment. Feel the emotion as, Shooter, the brother of Gunner Smith proclaims “I have came here because it has been part of my dream to be part of your group.” Powerful words to say the least. But it is Dan’s incorporation of S Club 7’s “Never Had a Dream Come True” which turns an already powerful scene into movie-making history.

No normal male director would admit to having that song in his collection of course. But I think that’s what makes Dan’s movies so special.

I give you Dan Karpuk’s, Fight to the Death.