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One of the nice things about the internet is the proliferation of sites which allow you to analyze and track the food that you’re eating. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, trying to eat healthier or merely trying to determine where you’re diet may be failing to meet the multitude of health guidelines, my favorite is a site called Fitday is simple to use but provides a variety of tools to help you track and analyze.

I don’t use Fitday regularly, but every once in a while I try to examine the things that I put in body. This is especially true because, to be quite honest, I’m a fairly boring eater. I tend to eat many of the same things over and over. Right now I’d say that there are basically five things that I eat nearly constantly: Eggs with cheese, a hashed potato, a banana, almonds and a glass of milk. I consider these items to be my dietary core.

How do they stack up nutrition wise?

Two eggs, a hashed potato and an ounce of cheese. (Click on the Picture to Expand).

Two eggs, a hashed potato and an ounce of cheese, a banana and milk. (Click on the Picture to Expand).

Two eggs, a hashed potato and an ounce of cheese, a banana and milk, and serving of almonds. (Click on the Picture to Expand).

How does it look? Pretty good actually. Coming in at only 833 calories, these five items alone provide over half of most of a person’s recommended dietary needs in a pretty good balance between fat (especially monounsaturated), carbs and protein.

I highly recommend checking out Fitday. Or, if you want, send me a list of foods you’d like to see covered and I’ll provide a similar analysis of them.

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