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The Creighton University Athletics Program is small relative to the programs in the BCS conferences. During the 2007-2008 season, Creighton spent $12.9 million on its athletic programs. That’s only 10% of the $120.2 million revenue earned by the University of Texas during the same time frame.

Let’s see if we can figure out what Creighton spends its athletic budget on.

Creighton Athletic Department Revenue
Team 2007 Revenues
Men’s Basketball $4,335,702
All Other Sports Men $1,454,227
Total Revenues Men’s $5,789,929
Women’s Basketball $468,016
All Other Sports Women $1,455,909
Total Revenues Women’s Teams $1,923,925
Total Basketball $4,803,718
All Other Sports Total $2,910,136
Total Gameday Revenues $7,713,854
Not Allocated by Gender/Sport $5,196,415
Total Revenues/Expenditures $12,910,269


As we would expect, the men’s basketball program is the largest revenue generating sport at Creighton, covering 33.5% of total revenue or expediture.

For the most part I am using revenue and expenditure interchangeably in this article. “Gameday” revenues account for only $7.7 million (59.7%) of Creighton’s $12.9 million in athletic expenditures for the 2007-08 school year. The remainder must be covered by donations and the school’s general fund.

What does the Creighton Athletic Department spend its money on?

Creighton Athletic Scholarships
Teams Expenditure
Men’s Teams $1,294,626
Women’s Teams $1,719,283
Total Scholarships $3,013,909


$3 million is spent on athletic scholarships. This is equivalent of approximately 81 full ride scholarships per year.

NCAA Maximum Scholarships per Sport
Sport Men’s Women’s
Basketball 13 15
Soccer 9.9 12
Baseball/Softball 12 12
Volleyball 12
Tennis 4.5 8
Golf 4.5 6
Rowing 20

I am reasonably certain that Creighton fully funds thirteen for men’s basketball and 9.9 for men’s soccer. If the school also fully funds 12 for baseball, there would be 48 scholarship equivalents available for all other sports.

That leaves $9,896,360 in expenditures unaccounted for.

Recruiting Expenses
Teams Expenditure
Men’s Teams $110,972
Women’s Teams $72,103
Total Recruiting Expenses $183,075


Recruiting isn’t a huge part of the budget. $9,713,285 remaining.

Operating Expenses
Sport Men’s Women’s
Basketball $440,591.00 $179,559.00
Baseball $205,219.00  
Golf $43,085.00 $43,086.00
Rowing   $75,815.00
Soccer $140,260.00 $111,087.00
Softball   $101,922.00
Tennis $21,233.00 $21,234.00
Track and Field,X-Country $17,517.00 $17,517.00
Volleyball   $102,138.00
Total Operating Expenses Men’s and Women’s Teams $867,905.00 $652,358.00


“Gameday” expenses account for $1,520,263 (11.8%) of the budget. $8,193,022 remaining

Coaches Salary Expenses
Men’s Head: $1,302,960
Men’s Asst: $505,970
Women’s Head: $365,864
Women’s Asst: $376,344
Total Coaches Salaries: $2,551,138


These salary expenditures wouldn’t seem to include the rumored off the book monies that Altman receives from individual donors.

$5,641,884 remaining. Expenses attributable to scholarships, coaches, recruiting and operating expenses total $7,268,385. That’s $445,469 less than gameday revenues.

Expenses by Team
Team Expenses
Men’s Basketball $3,610,271
Women’s Basketball $1,042,466
Total Basketball $4,652,737
All other sports Men $1,977,198
All other sports Women $2,580,567
All other sports Total $4,557,765
Total Expenses Men’s $5,587,469
Total Expenses Women’s $3,623,033
Total Allocable Expenses $9,210,502
Not Allocable by Gender/Sport $3,699,767
Grand Total Expenses $12,910,269


Expenses attributable to scholarships, coaches, recruiting and operating expenses total $7,268,385. That’s $445,469 less than gameday revenues.

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