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I’m trying to keep all of the 2009 Stimulus information in one spot. I thought that this deserved its own mention however. Included in the bill is $350 million for mapping broadband service throughout the country.

Deep inside the stimulus bill that passed the Senate Tuesday is an allocation of up to $350 million for making a “nationwide inventory map of existing broadband service capability and availability in the United States.” This map, members of Congress say, will be helpful in making sure that the $7 billion in proposed grants to bring high speed Internet service to rural areas are handed out where they are most needed.

Doesn’t this seem like something we could all do voluntarily? My understanding is that the main information the map is to gather is 1) location, 2) broadband speed/availability and 3) cost. Couldn’t the geniuses at Google whip up some program in about fifteen seconds, where I can do a speed test and then enter my info into Google maps?

Or something like that?

Greg, I’m looking in your direction…