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Taco John’s Potato Ole Seasoning Recipe

I’ve been trying my best to concoct a recipe for the seasoning that Taco John’s uses on their infamous Potato Oles.

After mucho, mucho practice, I come up with a Potato Ole Seasoning recipe that is a variation on this Low Sodium Lawry’s Seasoned Salt Recipe.

  • 4 parts low-salt Lawry’s
  • 2 parts paprika
  • 1 part ground cumin
  • 1 part red pepper

You can use regular Lawry’s if you want, but I don’t like the idea that it contains 380 grams of sodium per 1/4 tsp, or about 16% RDA.

Try this Taco John’s Potato Ole Seasoning recipe on all sorts of potato dishes. My favorite application is on hash browns in the morning with my eggs.

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