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The spectacular Chicago Theatre with its grand staircase, beautiful lobby, and an imposing auditorium is called the “Wonder Theatre of the World.”   The Theatre had opened on October 26, 1921 with the show The Sign on the Door starring Norma Talmadge.

The Chicago Theatre: In The Last 75 Years

The Chicago Theatre was the first of its kind in America. About 4 million dollars were spent on the construction of this luxurious movie palace, which was built in the style of French Baroque. The auditorium has a seating capacity of 3600. One of the striking features of this Theatre is the vertical sign C-H-I-C-A-G-O spread along its six stories.

The first four decades of Chicago Theatre marked live performances and movies, including Duke Ellington, John Phillip Sousa, Benny Goodman, and Jack Benny. In 1933, this theatre was redecorated for Chicago World’s Fair. In the 1950s, the theatre was modernized. This was the time when stage shows ceased to run.

The 1970s was a tough time for Chicago Theatre. Business crumbled due to a combination of economic and social factors. The theatre closed on September 19, 1985.

In 1986, Chicago Theatre was about to be demolished, when Chicago Theatre Restoration Associates, along with City of Chicago, saved it. Then began a 9-month long restoration work that cost millions of dollars. The project was conducted by Daniel P. Coffey & Associates, who were Chicago architects and A.T. Heinsbergen & Co., who were the interior design consultants from LA. The Theatre reopened with a gala event on September 10, 1986.

Since then, Chicago Theatre has been the platform for some of the biggest stars and biggest shows of the world. A few of them include Arcade Fire, Kelly Clarkson, Gipsy Kings, Van Morrison, Oasis, Robin Williams, Indigo Girls, Harry Connick, and Blues Traveler.

Tickets To Chicago Show

That was about Chicago Theatre. Now, if you wanna get tickets for the Chicago show, you better act fast. The show first opened in 1975 on Broadway. The success of this show seems to grow more than ever. Chicago has become the longest running revival in the history of Broadway!

The impeccable choreography, interesting story, exact score, and a constantly changing line of popular artists are believed to be the reasons for the show’s amazing longevity.

The story revolves around Velma Kelly, who awaits her acquittal from the Cook County Jail for murdering her devious hubby and sister. Velma grabs all the media attention until Roxie Hart steps into the scene. She has been convicted for murdering her lover. Now, Roxie becomes the media’s “charming lady”. Velma is annoyed by this sudden shift in the spotlight. Even her lawyer pays more attention to the new convict. Both ladies compete for media spotlight, hoping that they would make headlines upon their acquittal. But, alas, their hopes crash when a third murderer steps in!

Tickets to Chicago show are available at the box office. One better option is to call the ticketing services, especially for sold out shows and booking premium seats. Get ready to watch convicts compete for fame!

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Article Written by: Reed Terry