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Between 1977 and 2006, the percentage of members of Congress that had served in the military fell from 75% to 24%. There are 35 combat veterans in the current Congress.

Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Pa. is the only sitting Congressman to have served in Iraq. Murphy will be joined by four more Iraq vets in the next Congress:

  • Duncan Hunter (R) defeated Mike Lumpkin (D) in California’s 52nd District
  • Mike Coffman (R) won Colorado’s 6th District
  • Patrick Murphy(D) defeated Tom Manion (R) in Pennsylvania’s 8th District
  • Steve Stivers (R) – Ohio’s 15th District–leading but no projected winner.
  • John Boccieri (D) won Ohio’s 16th District.
  • Overall, Iraq veterans did not fair well in the 2008 Congressional elections:

  • Allen West (R) was defeated in Florida’s 22nd District
  • Jill Morganthaler (D) was defeated in Illinois’ 6th District
  • Charlie Summers (R) was defeated in Maine’s 1st District
  • Nate Bech (R) was defeated in Massachusetts’ 1st District
  • Ashwin Madia (D) was defeated in Minnesota’s 3rd District
  • Steve Sarvi (D) was defeated in Minnesota’s 2nd District
  • Vince Micco (R) was defeated in New Jersey’s 9th District
  • Lee Zeldin (R) was defeated in New York’s 1st District
  • Kieran Michael Lalor (R) was defeated in New York’s 19th District
  • Will Breazeale (R) was defeated in North Carolina’s 7th District
  • Duane Sand (R) was defeated in North Dakota
  • William Russell (R) was defeated Pennsylvania’s 12th District
  • Wendell Craig Williams (R) was defeated in Pennsylvania’s 7th District