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Here are two more polls. One from Iraq, one from the United States, both regarding how long the United States should remain in Iraq. The wording of these two polls are not as similar as the one above. Comparisons are thus more difficult. One has outcome based choices. The other has time-frame based choices.

How long do you think US and other Coalition forces should remain in Iraq? Should they leave now, remain until security is restored, remain until the Iraqi government is stronger, remain until Iraqi security forces can operate independently, remain longer but leave eventually, or never leave?
Mar08 Aug07 Feb07 2005
Leave Now 38 47 35 26
Remain until security is restored 35 34 38 31
Remain until the Iraqi government is stronger 14 10 14 19
Remain until the Iraqi security forces can operate independently 10 7 11 16
Remain longer but leave eventually 3 2 2 3

and this one

“From what you know about the U.S. involvement in Iraq, how much longer would you be willing to have large numbers of U.S. troops remain in Iraq: less than a year, one to two years, two to five years or longer than five years?”
Mar08 Sept07
Less Than A Year 46 49
One to Two Years 22 23
Two to Five Years 14 12
Longer Than Five Years 6 5
Other/Unsure 12 11

Again, the first poll is of Iraqi’s.