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I hate politics. More accurately, I don’t understand politics or human nature. Today’s Clemens’ hearing was a pointless hearing used to examine which of two people were lying about ten year old sporting events. How can even this hearing end up dividing along party lines? How does that make any sense? It really, really befuddles me.

Anyway, here are my impressions on how a few of the congresspersons viewed the proceedings.

Virginia Foxx (R-Not a Sports Fan) was able to use the hearing as means to let the country see four foot poster of Clemens that we can only assume was hanging on her office wall until the hearing. This poster showed photographs of Clemens with his last four teams. “You appear to me to be about the same size,” she said. “It doesn’t appear to me that your size has changed much.” Apparently Virginia Foxx has the ability to determine whether or not Clemens has used steroids just by looking at the Rocket’s dreamy physique. Looks like MLB has found its new drug testing program!

Elijah E. Cummings (D-Mvp) stood out among his peers for attempting to get to the heart of the issues.

Henry Waxman (D-CA), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, gave an opening statement that questioned Clemens’ credibility. He clearly sides with McNamee.

Paul Kanjorski (D-PAst his bed time), a really old guy who was unable to pronounce Jose Can-SEEEEEK-o’s name. He also is apparently the only person in the world that doesn’t know of Canseo’s past credibility probems. Next.

Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-MOst lame suck up) asked what cap Clemens will wear to his Hall of Fame ceremony.

Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) focussed on why Clemens would take B-12 shots primarily used by senior citizens. It was also revealed at this time that Clemens admitted that he didn’t know what a vegan was.

Rep. Christopher Shays (R-CorrecT) focussed on drug testing and the issue of performance enhancing drugs more than the other congressmen. Cornered McNamee into admitting he’s a drug dealer.

Stephen F. Lynch (D-iscussing Clemens’ butt) was another committee member that seemed to side with McNamee over Clemens. During his five minutes, he focussed on a ten year old MRI report regarding a “palpable mass” on Clemens’ butt cheek. The congressman’s good doctor declared that the abscess was more consistent with the effects of a steroid shot than a B-12 shot. This was actually pretty damaging to Clemens. IMHO.

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-not hip) focused on the taped phone call between Clemens and McNamee. He wanted to know why McNamee wasn’t more emphatic in the phone call that he was telling the truth. McNamee responded that the phrase “it is what it is” meant that he was telling the truth. Somewhere soon after came the to be expected, “well, I guess that depends on what the definition of is, is.”

Tom Davis (R-Va.) gives the impression that he finds Clemens more truthful than McNamee. He also spent time questioning the validity of McNamee’s doctorate, which apparently came from a school with questionable accredidation.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), thanked Clemens for “all he has done for New York”, but then proceeded to ask him whether his agents had done him “a terrible disservice,” by not letting Clemens know that the Mitchell Investigation was trying to contact him. Clemens responded, “I would say so.”

Rep John H. Duncan Jr. (R-TN) was fairly sympathetic to Clemens, calling the evidence against Clemens weak.

John F. Tierney (D-MA) was pretty hard on both McNamee and Clemens.

Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN) seemed to lean towards McNamee.

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