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Its funny, its not often that you know ahead of time that people will be committing perjury. In fact, I’d say it almost never happens. But over the course of the next nine hours, Roger Clemens has a choice to make: Will he lie under oath in front of Congress and a national television audience?

Based upon the evidence available to me, I believe that Roger Clemens used steriods and HGH.

  • McNamee had no reason to fabricate a very specific story regarding Clemens use of steroids. He also had some very good reasons to tell the truth. The exact opposite is true of Clemens. At least until tomorrow.
  • Andy Pettite confirmed McNamee’s story of HGH usage about him. If he was telling the truth about Pettite, why would he lie about Clemens.
  • McNamee, a former police detective, apparently anticipated this situation years ago and saved syringes, vials (and beer cans) from his alleged injections into Clemens.

I’m gonna go get some sleep. When I wake up, I expect that Roger Clemens and his ego will be in the process of committing perjury.  Should be a fun morning.