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  • Another stupid list from Cracked about ten crazy sports. The reason that I’m putting it up is because of number 6 on the list, the Eton wall game. I read about the wall game a number of years ago but could never again find the article that I read because I couldn’t remember the name of the game. After reading this list, I did find the article again but its a pay article on The Economist, so I can’t post it for you. What’s funny though is that the Economist article is really in fact pretty much the only article on the internet about the game. The Wikipedia article is pretty much a summation of the Economist and the Cracked article is more or less a rewrite of the info on Wikipedia. I’m not trying to rip on Cracked. I actually think that they’ve been pretty darn funny lately. Its more just a comment about the some times limited information on the internet.